Sep 15, 1922.

This is an excerpt from the news piece

SMYRNA, Sept 14 (Associated Press). - A fire of serious proportions is sweeping Smyrna.  The Greek and Armenian quarters are completely destroyed. The fire is rapidly spreading to other areas.  The Turkish irregulars who are in control of the city are firing upon and terrorizing the population. Sir Harry Lamb, the British High Commissioner, left aboard th British battleship Iron Duke. The British marines are withdrawing leaving the protection of the city to French, Italian and Nationalist guards and America bluejackets.

60,000 are Left Homeless.
ATHENS, Sept 14. -Fire starting at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon in Smyrna, near the American Collegiate Institute, in the heart of the Armenian quarter, left 60,000 Armenians and Greeks homeless, destroyed the beautiful Armenian and Greek foreign quarter and left the entire western portion of the town in ruins....

Several stories are told concerning the origin of the fire. The most reliable is that of Minnie B. Mills, head of the American Collegiate Institute, who declared she saw a Turkish regular army sergeant or officer enter a building near where the first flames were seen. He was carrying small tins, evidently containing kerosene. Immediately after he left the house it broke into flames. Other small fires started shortly after.

Dead Put At Nearly 1,000.
It will be impossible to estimate the number of Armenian and Greek dead. Dr. Post and other American workers. who made a thorough investigation before the flames drove them to safety, estimated the dead at nearly 1,000. How many were killed during the night and how many were trapped in the burning area is unknown.


London, Sept, 14.... -A Reuter dispatch from Athens dated Wednesday says the French steamer Lamartine arrived there with 150 refugees from Smyrna, including a Greek journalist.

The journalist asserted that the most Rev. Chrysostom, Metropolitan of the Greek Church in Smyrna, and the Armenian Metropolitan both were murdered, and that the Kemalists massacred about 2,000 Greek soldiers, whose bodies were thrown into the sea.

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