Evacuation of the Different Towns and Villages and Violent Manner of Expelling the Inhabitants.
American Embassy Constantinople. File 867.4016/123.
August 10, 1915. 11 pages.


The following American Embassy document dispatched from Constantinople and dated August 1915 is signed by U.S Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire Henry Morgenthau Senior. It details the persecution of Greeks from Gallipoli (Tr: Gelibolu), Dardanelles and Coutali (Tr: Ekinlik), the islands of Marmara and Calolimno (Tr: İmralı), Pyrgos (Tr: Kemerburgaz) and Büyükdere. These Greeks were persecuted beginning in March-April of 1915. They were ordered to leave their homes and businesses on short notice and deported to the interior of Asia Minor where they were scattered among Muslim villages.


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