In this section of the website students, educators and the general public can download and read various books and documents relating to the Greek Genocide.  



♦ The Tragedy of the Sea of Marmora. Relief Committee for Greeks of Asia Minor, 1918?  Description Download

♦ The Deportations in Asia Minor, 1921-1922. Mark H. Ward, M.D. London 1922.  Description Download

♦ Memorandum presented by the Greek members of the Turkish Parliament to the American Commission on Mandates over Turkey. American–Hellenic Society Inc. Columbia University, New York, 1919.  Download

♦ The Black Book of the Sufferings of the Greek people in Turkey from the Armistice to the end of 1920. Constantinople. Press of the Patriarchate, 1920. View at

♦ Persecution and Extermination of the Communities of Macri and Livissi (1914-1918). Imprimerie Chaix, Rue Bergère, Paris 1919.  Descriotion Download

♦ Black Book: The Tragedy of Pontus 1914-1922. Livre Noir: La Tragedie Du Pont 1914-1922. Edition of the Central Council of Pontus. Athens 1922.  Description |  Download from

♦ Turkish Atrocities in Asia Minor: Speech of Hon. William H. King of Utah in the Senate of the United States. December 22, 1921. Washington 1922.  Description | Download

♦ The Liberation of the Greek People in Turkey: An Appeal Issued by the London Committee of Unredeemed Greeks. Norbury, Natzio and Co Ltd, Manchester and London 1919.  Description |  Download

♦ The Turkish Atrocities in the Black Sea Territories: Copy of Letter of His Grace Germanos, Lord Archbishop of Amassia and Samsoun. Norbury, Natzio and Co, Manchester 1919.  Description Download from

♦ Persecution of the Greeks in Turkey Before the European War. Oxford University Press, New York, 1919.  Description Download from

♦ Persecution of the Greeks in Turkey, 1914-1918. Greek Patriarchate, Constantinople 1919.  Description |  Download from

♦ Persecution of the Greeks in Turkey since the Beginning of the European War. Oxford University Press, New York 1918.  Description |  Download from

♦ The Martyrdom of Smyrna and Eastern Christendom. A file of overwhelming evidence, denouncing the misdeeds of the Turks in Asia and showing their responsibility for the horrors of Smyrna. George Allen and Unwin, London 1922.  Description |  Download from

♦ Oi Diogmoi ton Ellinon tou Pontou (1908-1918). Basei ton anekdoton eggrafon ton kratikon archeion tis Austro-Ouggarias. Syllogos Pontion Argonautai Komninoi, 1962.  Description Download

♦ The Pontus Question: Memorandum submitted to the Peace Conference on March 10, 1920. Pontus Delegation, London-Hesperia Press, 1920. Download at



The Deportation of Ottoman Greeks in 1915. File 867.4016/123, American Embassy Constantinople, August 10, 1915.

The Martyrdom of the Pontus and the International Public Opinion (Le Martyre du Pont-Euxin et l' Opinion publique internationale), Geneva 1922.

1,500,000 Greek Christians Massacred or Deported by Turks, William C. King, The History Associates, Springfield Massachusetts, 1922.
The Turkish Atrocities in Asia Minor and in the Pontus. Speech Given Before the Greek Third National Assembly by G. Baltazzi (Minister for Foreign Affairs), May 31, 1922.

The Blight of Asia, by George Horton. View online.

The Treatment of Greek Prisoners in Turkey: Report of the International Commission of Inquiry appointed at the request of the Greek Red Cross. London, 1923. View only.



Smyrna, September 1922: Compiled by Lou Ureneck