Some monuments erected in memory of the victims of the Greek Genocide.


GREECE, Imathia.

Designation: The Holocaust of the Greeks of Santa (Pontus)
Sculptor: Efthimios Kalevras (1929-2011)


GERMANY, Berlin.

Designation: Monument in memory of the genocide of Armenians, Greeks of Asia Minor, Pontus, Eastern Thrace, and Arameans (Syrians, Assyrians, Chaldeans). The Ottoman Genocide 1912-1922.
Source: Arbeitsgruppe Anerkennung (AGA)


GREECE, Nea Phocaea, Halkidiki.

Designation: Monument in honour of Félix Sartiaux.
The monument reads: «ΟΔΟΣ ΦΕΛΙΞ ΣΑΡΤΙΩ - RUE FÉLIX-SARTIAUX” (Félix Sartiaux Street).  In 1914 Félix Sartiaux provided refuge to 800 Greeks who were fleeing the massacre at Palaia Phocaea in Asia Minor.
Erected 2010    Sculptor: Vasilis Pavlis
Source: Pan Halkidikos Syllogos Salonica


GREECE, Nea Erythrea, Attica.

Designation: Memorial for the victims from Asia Minor.
The monument is inscribed with the names of towns situated around the Erythraia (Greek: Ερυθραία) Peninsula west of Smyrna. 
Source: Enosi Mikrasiatikon Foititon


GREECE, Neos Milotopos.

Designation: Memorial for the Greeks of Asia Minor.
Inscribed with a poem by Nobel Prize winning Greek poet George Seferis, who was born in Asia Minor.  
Source: Enosi Mikrasiatikon Foititon


GREECE, Kondariotissa.

Designation: The Greeks of Neohori Chilis (today Yeniköy) a district in Constantinople (today Istanbul). 
Inscription: We were hunted from our parental lands, to this place we came, so that our children can live. In memory of an unforgettable homeland: Neohori Chilis, Constantinople, Asia Minor.


GREECE, Drama.

Designation: Genocide of the Greeks of Eastern Thrace.
Inscription: Of the massacre of the Greeks of Thrace by the Bulgarians and Neo-Turks, this monument was built by the descendants of the victims in eternal memory.
Unveiled: 2012
Source: Panellinia Omospondia Thrakikon Somateion