My name is Sophia Nicolaou. I'm from İvrindi of Asia Minor. I along with my husband and 8 year old son Manoli escaped to the mill at Ghun-Ghurkes. Suddenly Turkish villagers appeared. They encircled the mill shouting at us wildly. They then broke open the door of the mill and attacked us. In front of my now deceased husband and my son's eyes they raped me many times. They then slaughtered my son and with their knives they sliced my husband into pieces. They removed his internal organs and made me eat them. They shouted telling me that if I didn't eat my husband's internal organs they would slaughter me. At that time I heard gun shots. It was Turks shooting to signal to their own people that the Hellenic army was approaching. It was the Baluk-keser [Balikesir] unit. When the Turks heard it they ran. And that's how I was spared. The soldiers soon learned of my plight and took me with them.

Source: Ei Mavri Vivlos, by Yannis Kapsis. Livani Publishers, 1992. p 9.