In April 2019, three months before the national elections in Greece, then opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis met with members of the Pontic Greek lobby in Greece. Since that meeting, the newly elected Greek Prime Minister, Mr Mitsotakis as well as Greece's former President, Mr Prokopis Pavlopoulos consistently stated they will support the worldwide recognition only for the genocide of Pontic Greeks. However, Greeks from Pontus weren't the only victims of the Greek Genocide. Greeks from many other regions were also victims. Seeking the partial recognition of a genocide is absurd and sends the wrong message. Please read our letter below. If you agree with the sentiments, fill out the form below. Your letter will be sent to the President and the Prime Minister of Greece, the Pan-Pontian Federation of Greece and ekathimerini newspaper.

Dear MEP,

I have been informed that Greek politicians are urging the EU Parliament to recognize the genocide of Pontic Greeks.

I am writing to you to highlight that the Greeks of Pontus were not the only Greek Orthodox victims of the Ottoman genocide during the period 1912-1923 in Ottoman Turkey. In fact, Greek Orthodox Christians from many other regions of Ottoman Turkey fell victims to massacres, death marches, and forced labor. As such, recognizing the genocide of only one fraction of Greek victims is not only ahistorical, it is also demeaning to the ancestors of all other Greek victims, and therefore wrong.

I therefore ask, that if the EU Parliament does consider recognizing a genocide against the Ottoman Greeks, it does so in an inclusive manner by recognizing all victims without distinction of region. A simple recognition of a "Greek Genocide" will ensure that all Greek lives matter. By doing so, you will also be respecting the historical record and the advice of historians and genocide scholars.

I wish to remind you that in 2007, the International Association of Genocide Scholars, the world's foremost experts on genocide affirmed the genocide of all Greeks within Anatolia (the Asiatic portion of modern day Turkey, historically known as Asia Minor) and referred to it as a Greek Genocide. And in 1998, the Greek Parliament recognized the genocide of Greeks throughout all of Asia Minor (inclusive of Pontus).

I therefore ask that the EU Parliament respect the advice of genocide scholars and adopt an inclusive recognition for all Greek victims of the Greek Genocide.

Respectfully yours,