We are always on the lookout for people who can assist us with improving our website to help document the Greek Genocide. The following positions are currently vacant:


Graphic design
Graphics form an integral part of transmitting a message across to the public. A well designed graphic can make a difficult subject easier to comprehend. If you can create stunning graphics and would like to see your graphics on our website and social channels, please contact us.

Translators (Greek and French to English)
A large quantity of material documenting the Greek Genocide is in Greek, French or other languages other than English. As a result, this material remains inaccessible to English-speaking academics, teachers and the wider public. We have a number of documents and books in both Greek and French that require translating and proofreading to English. Book publication opportunities may also exist for interested parties. If you are a capable translator of either of these languages, please contact us.

Mapping software expertise
One of our main research projects has been the mapping of deportation routes during the Greek Genocide. As it stands, the deportation routes have not been connected by lines to define the deportation path. We are currently looking for someone who has knowledge or expertise in mapping software who can help us finish this important project. If you can help, please contact us 


General Operations Role
This role involves working to ensure the GGRC remains dynamic, relevant and effective in getting its message across. It requires the ability to work towards fundraising opportunities, public relations, building partnerships and advancing educational programs in schools.

Suggested experience includes good communication skills, excellent letter writing ability, the ability to work independently, be self-motivating and the ability to inspire others. Previous leadership experience is essential. Due to the broad nature of this role, the applicant may choose parts of the role if they prefer. To apply, please contact us.