Monuments paying tribute to the victims of the Greek Genocide.


GERMANY, Berlin.
Designation: Ecumenical memorial erected in memory of Armenian, Greek and Assyrian victims of the Ottoman Genocide of 1912-1922.

GREECE, Imathia.
Designation: The Holocaust of the Greeks of Santa (Pontus)
Sculptor: Efthimios Kalevras (1929-2011).

GREECE, Nea Phocaea, Halkidiki.
Designation: Monument in honour of Félix Sartiaux.
The monument reads: «ΟΔΟΣ ΦΕΛΙΞ ΣΑΡΤΙΩ - RUE FÉLIX-SARTIAUX” (Félix Sartiaux Street).  In 1914 Félix Sartiaux provided refuge to 800 Greeks who were fleeing the massacre at Palaia Phocaea in Asia Minor.
Erected 2010    Sculptor: Vasilis Pavlis

GREECE, Nea Erythrea, Attica.
Designation: Memorial for the victims from Asia Minor.
Inscription: Μικρασία 1922: Των Θανόντων Προγόνων Μέμνησο (Asia Minor 1922: Memorial for our Deceased Ancestors).

The monument is inscribed with the names of towns situated around the Erythraia (Greek: Ερυθραία) Peninsula west of Smyrna. 

GREECE, Neos Milotopos.
Designation: Memorial for the Greeks of Asia Minor.
Inscribed with a poem by Nobel Prize winning Greek poet George Seferis, who was born in Asia Minor. Neos Milotopos became home to a large number of Greek Genocide survivors from the region of Cappadocia in Asia Minor.  

GREECE, Kondariotissa.
Designation: The Greeks of Neohori Khilis (Gr: Νεοχώρι Χηλής), today Yeniköy in the Şile district of Constantinople (today Istanbul). 
Inscription: We were hunted from our parental lands, to this place we came, so that our children can live. In memory of an unforgettable homeland: Neohori Chilis, Constantinople, Asia Minor.


GREECE, Drama.
Designation: Genocide of the Greeks of Eastern Thrace.
Inscription: Of the massacre of the Greeks of Thrace by the Bulgarians and Neo-Turks, this monument was built by the descendants of the victims in eternal memory.
Unveiled: 2012

GREECE, Hagia Triada.
Designation: In memory of the massacre of approximately 100 Greeks at Economio (today Kumburgaz) in Eastern Thrace. The massacre occurred on the 25th of January 1913 and is considered one of the first known massacres of the Greek Genocide.
Inscription: Economio, ancient land, your children are now living in Hagia Triada.
Unveiled: 2002.


GREECE, Evropos, Kilkis.
Designation: Dedicated to the victims of the massacres at Fulacik and Tsanto (Gr: Τσαντώ, Tr: Çanta).
Inscribed with all the known names of those who perished during the massacres. Includes a bust of Father Phillipos Kalokidis of Fulacik who was tortured before being massacred.