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As part of our commitment to raise awareness on the Greek Genocide we are donating reading material to teaching institutions. If you are a teacher or administrator of an educational institution and would like to include Greek Genocide reading material at your school library, please complete the request form below. Click here to view where we've donated thus far.

Conditions: Reading material is available to teaching institutions such as high schools and universities. All books must be made readily available to students and educators in the school library. All donated material is in the English language. Material currently available includes, but is not limited to the following volumes:

The Genocide of the Ottoman Greeks
The Greek Genocide in American Naval War Diaries
The Asia Minor Catastrophe and the Ottoman Greek Genocide.
Genocide in the Ottoman Empire: Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks
The Greek Genocide 1913-1923: New Perspectives
The Genocide of the Greeks in Turkey: Survivor Testimonies from the Nicomedia (Izmit) Massacres of 1920-1921
British reports on Ethnic Cleansing in Anatolia 1919-1922: The Armenian-Greek Section

More books available in our Bibliography


Note: This book donation drive would not be possible without the generous financial support of the public and our benefactors. You can help us continue this endeavor by donating to our Fundraiser. We have thus far donated to the following institutions.   

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