Reading Material

The following books and documents are freely available to read online.  

English language material

Evacuation of the Different Towns and Villages. American Embassy 1915. Read
Stuermer, H. Two War Years in Constantinople. London, 1917. Read
Morgenthau, H. Ambassador Morgenthau's Story. Doubleday 1918. Read
The Tragedy of the Sea of Marmora1918?  Read
Persecution of the Greeks in Turkey since the Beginning of the European War. 1918.  Read
Memorandum presented by the Greek members of the Turkish Parliament... 1919. Read
Persecution & Extermination of the Communities of Macri and Livissi (1914-1918). 1919.  Read
The Liberation of the Greek People in Turkey. London 1919.  Read
The Turkish Atrocities in the Black Sea Territories. Manchester 1919. Read
Persecution of the Greeks in Turkey Before the European WarNew York, 1919.  Read
Persecution of the Greeks in Turkey, 1914-1918. 1919. Read
The Pontus Question: Memorandum submitted to the Peace Conference... 1920. Read
The Black Book of the Sufferings of the Greek People in Turkey... Constantinople 1920. Read
Ward M. The Deportations in Asia Minor, 1921-1922London 1922. Read
Black Book: The Tragedy of Pontus 1914-1922. Athens 1922. Read
King W. Turkish Atrocities in Asia Minor. Washington 1922. Read
The Martyrdom of Smyrna and Eastern Christendom.London 1922.  Read
The Martyrdom of the Pontus and the International Public Opinion. Geneva 1922. Read
William C. King. 1,500,000 Greek Christians Massacred or Deported by Turks. 1922. Read
The Turkish Atrocities in Asia Minor and in the Pontus. 1922. Read
Anglo-Hellenic League. The Treatment of Greek Prisoners in Turkey. London, 1923. Read
The Great Betrayal: A Survey of the Near East Problem. New York 1924. Read
Horton, G. The Blight of Asia. Bobbs-Merrill, 1926. Read
Bjørnlund M, The 1914 Cleansing of Aegean Greeks as a Case of Violent Turkification Read
Einstein L. Inside Constantinople, New York 1918.  Read
Williams, John. The Ethnic Cleansing of Greeks from Gallipoli, April 1915. Quadrant online, 2 April 2013. Read
Crompton C, Carl. The Morning Cometh: 45 Years with Anatolia. Athens 2008. Read


Documents by Relief Organizations

Lovejoy, E. Certain Samaritans. Macmillan Co. 1933. Read
Lovejoy E. Women Physicians and Surgeons,  Read
Speakers' Handbook of American Committee for Relief in the Near East. 1918.  
The New Near East. Vol. 4, 1920. Read
The New Near East. Vol. 6-7, 1920-1921. Read
The New Near East. Vol. 7. 1921-1922. Read
The New Near East. v. 6-8, 1920/21-1922/23. Read
Hand Book. Near East Relief. New York 1920. Read
Near East Relief. Vol. II, No. 42-51. 1920. Read
Near East Relief. Vol. III, Jan-Dec 1921. Read
Near East Relief. Vol. IV. 1922. Read
The Medical Work of the Near East Relief (1919-1920). New York 1923. Read
Near East Relief. A Review for 1922. New York 1923. Read
Near East Relief. Report to Congress for 1924. New York 1925. Read
Near East Relief. Report to Congress for 1925. New York 1926. Read
Story of Near East relief (1915-1930) an interpretation by James L. Barton. N.Y 1930
The Near East: A Discussion Course for Students, 1923. Read
American Workshops in Greece, American Friends of Greece Inc, Washington 1925.  Read


French language material

Félix Sartiaux. Le Sac de Phocée. Paris 1914.   Read
L’Extermination des Chrétiens en Turquie. Lausanne 1918.                                        Read
Metr. Chysostomos. Les Persécutions des Chrétiens. 1919.  Read
René Puaux. Les Derniers Jours de Smyrne. Paris 1923. Read
René Puaux. La Mort de Smyrne, Smyrna 1922. Read
René Puaux. La déportation et le rapatriement des Grecs en Turquie, Paris 1919. Read
Leon Maccas. L'hellénisme de l'Asie-Mineure., Paris 1919. Read


Greek language material

Οι διωγμοί των Ελλήνων εν Θράκη και Μικρασία, Athens 1915. Read
Οι Ανθελληνικοί Διωγμοί εν Τουρκία από της Κηρύξεως του Ευρωπαϊκού Πολέμου. Read
Μαύρη Βίβλος Διωγμών και Μαρτυρίων του εν Τουρκία Ελληνισμού (1914-1918). 1919.  Read
Οι ανθελληνικοί διωγμοί εν Τουρκία από του 1908 μέχρι του 1921. 1921. Read
Ενεπεκίδης Π.Οι Διωγμοί των Ελλήνων του Πόντου (1908-1918). 1962. Read
Αγτζίδης Β. Η Γενοκτονία στην Ανατολή [Genocide in the East]. 2013. Read
Δ. Μπότσαρη, Η Μικρά Ασία και ο Ελληνισμός, 1919. Read
Η Μαύρη Εθνική Συμφορά του Πόντου (1914-1922). Αθήνα 1924. Read



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