Le Sac de Phocée: et L'expulsion des Grecs Ottomans d'Asie-Mineure en Juin 1914.
(The Sack of Phocaea: The Expulsion of the Ottoman Greeks of Asia Minor in June 1914).

Félix Sartiaux.
Typographie Philippe Renouard, Paris 1914.
Extrait de la revue des deux Mondes du 15 Decembre 1914.



Félix Sartiaux was a French archaeologist and engineer who was sent to Asia Minor by the French government in 1913 to perform excavation work at the ancient town of Phocaea (today Foça). He was present in June 1914 when the Turks stormed the town in a well planned attack that lasted 24 hours causing many deaths and resulting in the evacuation of the town by its panic stricken residents. Sartiaux hoisted the French flag on 4 houses thus providing refuge to Greeks who were fleeing from Turks. He also photographed the events and kept a diary of what he witnessed which was published in the French magazine Review of the Two Worlds in December 1914.

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