Massacre In a Town Near Smyrna
-Police Are Accused.

The New York Times.

June 17, 1914.

ATHENS, June 16.-Greek refugees from Asia Minor today brought reports of the massacre by Turks of 100 Greeks, including priests, old men and children, in the town of Phokia, twenty-five miles north-west of Smyrna. The town, according to the official report, was invaded by a horde of armed men, who looted and then set fire to all the buildings. They are said to have been assisted by the Turkish police. All the inhabitants, most of whom were Greeks, fled, leaving their property behind them, and 3,800 of them have reached Salonika. They declare that the bodies of the massacred persons were thrown into wells. The refugees, many of whom were suffering from wounds, were in a state of starvation on their arrival at Salonika.