Only Few Christian Women and Children Escape

The New York Herald, 14 June 1922, p.3.

WASHINGTON, June 13 (United News).
-Some fifteen villages have bee wiped out and of a population of 15,000 only a few women and children have escaped annihilation at the hands of the Turks in massacres and depredations in the district of Rhodopolis, according to a cablegram just received from Athens by the Royal Greek Legation.
   At Djevegli several Greeks were beheaded and their heads, fixed on poles exposed for days in the market place. At Platana [today Akçaabat], near Trebizond [today Trabzon], all the best Greek houses were set on fire and the inhabitants massacred.
   The cablegram stated that the Greek Governor of Sokia [today Söke] has received reports that the whole Greek population in Asia Minor territory near Geronda [today Didyma] has been deported toward the remotest interior in the direction of Mougla [today Muğla].