Central Council Says They Attend Execution of
Prominent Natives for Alleged Rebellion.

The New York Times

Nov 6, 1921

Alexander Kehaya, a member of the Kehaya Trading and Finance Corporation, with offices at 60 Wall st, said yesterday that the Greek residents of New York were aroused by news of massacres by Turks of Greeks in Pontus. He made public a letter received from the Central Council of Pontus at Athens inclosing a list of prominent Greeks of Samsoun, Bafra and other Pontian cities who were condemned to death and executed at Amasia by order of Mustapha Kemal.

"The recent news regarding the Greeks of Pontus has terrorirsed us," Mr. Kehaya said. "We learn from news received almost daily that the Kemalist Government has ordered all the male element sent into the interior of Asia Minor, where their fate is unknown, while the Greek women are forced into harems. A letter adressed to a friend of mine describes the horrible fate of these women.