Phocaea 1913-1920: The Eye-Witness Account of Félix Sartiaux

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Félix Sartiaux

Phocée 1913-1920; le témoignage de Félix Sartiaux. Picard 2008. In French. Available at Amazon:
Φωκαια. Η Μαρτυρία του Φέλιξ Σαρτιώ. Ριζαρειο 2008. In Greek and French. 

The chance discovery of the entire photographic archive of Felix Sartiaux on Foça (Gr: Phocaea) by photographic historian Haris Giakoumis including his personal archive of articles and notes on the events of June 1914 reveals an account of a critical witness by a faithful friend of the Ottoman Greeks who lovingly supported Hellenism in Asia Minor during difficult times. In 1914, Sartiaux witnessed the brutal sacking of the town of Foça by the Turks which included the massacre of the town's men, women and children.

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The 1914 cleansing of Aegean Greeks as a case of violent Turkification.


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