Mark H. Ward, M.D.
LONDON 1922.

18 page document containing:

- Memorandum on Greek Deportations: May 1921- January 1923, by Mark H. Ward, M.D.
- Extracts from the diary of Dr. Mark H. Ward: May 26, 1921-February 23, 1923.
- Appendix: Turkish atrocities in Asia Minor. (Reprinted by permission from The Daily telegraph, May 29, 1922).


Beginning with May 26th, 1921 and up to January 1922, there were a total of 20,378 deportees that reached Kharput. About 18,000 were Greek Ottomans and the remaining 2,000 were Armenians. They were from the following places, named in the order in which the deportees reached Kharput:-
Konia, Cesarea, Amasia, Biledjik, Eskisehir and villages near Brussa, Eregli, Afium Karahisar, Alishar, Kutahia, Sivri-Hissar, Aksehir, Keroman, Haymans, Ordu, Kerasun, Samsun. Khanza, Topejuk, Marsivan, Koppy, Vozir-Kupru, Sparta, Burdur , Endemish. -- Mark H.Ward, p3.


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David Lloyd George - Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

“...tens of thousands of men, women and children have been deported, and tens of thousands have died. It was pure deliberate extermination.”

House of Commons, 4 August 1922.